High-Asset Divorce

High-Asset Divorce Attorney in the Amarillo Area

Medical, Dental and Legal Practices

Dividing a medical, dental or legal practice requires the assistance of attorneys who understand these assets. Amarillo’s top high asset divorce lawyer, Jesse Quackenbush has extensive business management experience and understands how to locate and value complex assets, including professional practices.

Amarillo’s top high asset divorce lawyer, Jesse Quackenbush has experience handling high net worth divorce cases in the Amarillo area and throughout Texas. To make an appointment with Mr. Quackenbush, please call our Amarillo office at 806-374-4024.

Divorces Involving High Assets & Complex Issues

Parties involved in high asset divorces must take special care when it comes to the issues of characterization, value and division. The valuation and division of such estates can be challenging, particularly when it comes to estates that involve oil & gas royalties, ranching interests or professional practices.

Amarillo’s top high asset divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush is thoroughly experienced with high net worth and complex estates, including estates with assets located in multiple jurisdictions. This experience gives his clients a distinct and clear advantage when it comes to presenting the facts of the case to the judge or jury, or for purposes of mediation and/or settlement.

Valuing And Dividing High Net Worth Estates

Amarillo divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has in-depth knowledge of business ownership and understands how to locate and
value businesses and other domestic and foreign assets, including but not limited to:

• Privately and publicly held companies
• Stock options and employee benefit plans
• Pensions, retirement accounts and severance packages
• Professional practices and partnerships
• Oil and mineral rights and royalties
• Domestic and foreign real estate
• Trusts
• Ranch & cattle operations
• Wind farm income & assets
• Life insurance policies, proceeds and annuities
• Money market and other financial accounts
• Patents and other intellectual property Property division in Texas is based on the presumption that all property is community property unless it is proven to be separate property. Under Texas law, separate property is property acquired prior to marriage or during marriage by gift or inheritance. The burden of proving the existence of separate property falls on the party making that claim.

The division of community property and the protection of separate property assets from reimbursement claims by the community estate or a spouse’s separate property estate, can become extremely complex when assets are commingled. Financial restraining orders may also come into play.

Stock Options And Retirement Assets

Whether you are the higher-earning spouse or a dependent lowerearning spouse in a high asset divorce, it is imperative that you retain the best Amarillo divorce attorney you can find. Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush is prepared to help you develop a detailed inventory of
all assets, including retirement accounts and assets more difficult to quantify, such as stock options. You must know your rights and your options to protect your assets.

Oil & gas royalties, wind energy lease income and stock options available through a high-earning spouse’s employment can be difficult to put a dollar figure on, but they are potentially high-dollar costs or benefits. Timely advice from forensic accountants and experts can help you protect your right to these assets.

Contact Amarillo high-asset divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush to learn how he can advocate for your interests. Amarillo attorney, Jesse Quackenbush represents:

• Doctors and their spouses
• Attorneys and their spouses
• Accountants and their spouses
• Business owners and their spouses
• Business executives and their spouses

Challenging Asset Division

Experience is paramount in this area of law. Amarillo’s best high asset divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush is able to devote the necessary resources to your case for your protection and obtain the best result for you when it comes to the division of your marital estate.

Prenuptial agreements are not unusual when individuals with high assets marry. Amarillo’s top high asset divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has experience in drafting, enforcing and challenging such agreements. Well-drafted prenuptial and marital agreements are an excellent way to protect property and minimize conflict.

Child Support, Spousal Support And Contractual Alimony

Spousal support, child support and contractual alimony are issues which are often complex in cases involving high asset families. Maintaining children in private schools, providing adequate support during divorce and contractual alimony are all important issues that must be addressed on a case by case basis by an experienced attorney.

Obtaining A Financial Restraining Order

When a divorce is extremely contentious or there are a large number of financial assets at stake, trusting your spouse and his/her attorney to not take harmful financial actions may not be a viable option. To protect your property rights during your divorce, it is usually necessary to seek a temporary (mutual) financial restraining order.

Amarillo’s top high-asset divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush, will help you obtain a financial restraining order to ensure your spouse does not change the financial status of your estate. This can be a complicated process, but Mr. Quackenbush will represent you at hearings and make sure you are fully prepared for everything you may encounter.

The purpose of a financial restraining order is to maintain the status quo so that a marital estate can be divided equitably according to community property rules. The restraining order can prevent either party in the divorce from taking financial actions such as:

• Canceling or modifying insurance policies to terminate coverage of the opposing party or children; this includes changing beneficiaries of the policies
• Transferring or eliminating property in a way that is not within the usual course of business
• Making large, extraordinary purchase without providing notice, accounting or court approval

The best way to understand whether you can be aided by having a financial restraining order is to discuss the specifics of your case with Mr. Quackenbush. For your free consultation call 806-374-4024.

Hidden Assets in Divorce

The division of marital property is a crucial component of any divorce in Texas. Unfortunately, some spouses and their attorneys are not above hiding assets to better their position in a contested divorce. For that reason, it is important that you retain an experienced Amarillo divorce attorney who is capable of finding hidden assets, properly valuing assets, and then negotiating or litigating an outcome that protects your interests.

When it comes to finding hidden assets and protecting your property rights, there is no substitute for experience. Amarillo’s top divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has more than 30 years of legal experience.

In Texas, property settlements in divorce are governed by our community property laws, which presume that all property is community property unless shown to be separate property. In order to accurately unwind an estate and divide property fairly, all marital assets must be properly characterized, accounted for and valued.

Hiding assets is a problem in high-asset divorces, an area in which Amarillo’s top divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has a great amount of experience. He is skilled at uncovering hidden assets such as:

• Fine art
• Offshore bank accounts
• Business assets
• International assets
• Deferred compensation
• Professional office equipment
• Stocks and retirement assets
• Inventory
• Antiquities & Collectables
• Collector vehicles
• Accounts receivable
• Private loans
• Estate jewelry
• Oil & Gas interests
• Farm & Ranch equipment
• Insurance claims
• Airplanes/boats

Dividing Property Fairly During Divorce

The division of property is a crucial component in any divorce, particularly those where high assets are at stake. The valuation and division of such assets can be challenging, particularly when businesses are involved.

Amarillo’s top high-asset divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has experience with business valuation and high asset divorces. Mr. Quackenbush is skilled at presenting the facts of a case to a judge or jury and mediating or negotiating a settlement.

Amarillo’s best high-asset divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has personal business ownership and management experience. No matter the complexity of your case, Mr. Quackenbush will help get you what you deserve.

In Texas, dividing these already complex or large assets is complicated by our community property laws, which presumes that
all property is community property unless it is proven to be separate property. When it comes to properly characterizing, valuing and dividing professional practices, employee benefits, stock options, pension plans and other long-term assets, there is no substitute for an experienced attorney.

Spousal Support

Whether you are seeking or contesting spousal support, it is important to have an experienced lawyer who can protect your rights. Temporary spousal support is received or paid to a party during the time in which a divorce suit is pending. A court in Texas may award temporary support to maintain the status quo of the parties until a divorce becomes final.

The amount of temporary support awarded depends primarily on “need.” It is important for your attorney to correctly assess “need” whether asking for or contesting spousal support. An inexperienced divorce attorney may subject you to less than you need or more than you should be obligated to pay.

Spousal Maintenance may be awarded by a Texas court to provide temporary and rehabilitative support for a spouse after divorce. Eligibility for spousal maintenance is based on length of the marriage and minimum reasonable needs of a spouse. A claim for spousal maintenance can be complex. The amount of and duration of such obligations are limited under Texas law.

Receiving too little or paying too much when it comes to spousal support can seriously affect your estate, your lifestyle and the lives of your children.

Notice New Law

In Texas, new laws have increased the length of time spousal support may be paid. Depending on the length of the marriage and whether family violence was committed, spousal support may now be granted for up to five, seven or even 10 years.

The party receiving support must lack sufficient property to provide for his/her minimum reasonable needs and must meet one of the following criteria:

• The recipient cannot earn sufficient income because of an incapacitating mental or physical condition;
• The marriage lasted for at least 10 years and the recipient cannot earn sufficient income;
• The recipient is the custodian of a child with special needs; or
• The payer committed family violence within two years of the divorce filing.

Do not assume that you do or do not qualify for spousal support, or you will or will not be obligated to pay spousal support, there may be defenses against paying such obligation.

Notice Contractual Alimony Tax Deductions Stop in 2019

Although Texas is a “no-alimony” state, parties can enter into contractual alimony agreements that may benefit both parties. This is especially true when it comes to high asset divorces.

Unlike spousal support, contractual alimony must be agreed on by both parties. After 2018 contractual alimony can no longer be used to mitigate tax obligations for the payer. However, alimony may be used to accomplish property division when obligations must be paid out over time and cash is unavailable at the time of divorce. This type of agreement is quite popular.

Protecting Your Assets

Individuals with high assets must take great care to protect them prior to and during divorce. The proper valuation and division of real property and financial assets in a divorce can be complex and challenging, particularly when the assets are unique or located outside of Texas.

Amarillo’s top high-asset divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has extensive experience protecting the assets of his clients during the divorce process. This provides his clients with a distinct advantage.

It is crucial to have an experienced attorney who is capable of properly valuing and classifying all assets.

Amarillo’s top high asset divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has extensive business ownership and management experience which is a reason for his successful approach to client asset protection. He is fully prepared to protect your assets, such as closely held businesses, employment benefits, annuities, real property, foreign assets, investment accounts, stock options and other assets. Although Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush will not provide tax advice, he is skilled at recognizing tax consequences as a result of divorce and will refer you to specialized tax expert when needed.