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Amarillo Product Liability Attorney Offers Free Consultations: Bayer, Johnson & Johnson face lawsuit over inadequate warnings on blood-thinning medication.

Posted on April 27, 2017 by Jesse Quackenbush, Attorney

Bloomberg News (4/24, Feeley, Fisk, 2.41M) reports that Bayer and Johnson & Johnson are facing a suit in a New Orleans court over inadequate warnings for its Xarelto blood thinner. Patients allege that the drug causes severe internal bleeding, and have accused the companies of being responsible for the blood thinner’s “potentially fatal side effects.” The companies are now facing over 18,000 lawsuits regarding Xarelto. Company lawyers point to the FDA’s conclusion that the drug is “safe and effective.”
The National Law Journal (4/24, Bronstad) covers the case in a paywalled article, and FirstWordPharma (4/24) and the Baltimore Daily Record (4/24, 3K) also cover the story.

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