Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush of Quackenbush Law Firm has been representing criminally accused clients since 1988. He has dedicated his entire career to protecting those who have been wrongfully accused of crimes as well as many who are guilty but don’t deserve the ridiculous punishment offers being presented by overzealous prosecutors in Texas. According to Quackenbush, “not knowing your rights is like not having any rights at all! Everyone deserves competent counsel and the chance to obtain justice.” Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush promises to fight hard for your rights and hire the best expert witnesses, if necessary, to assure your chances of a fair trial.

Jesse Quackenbush practices many types of law, not just criminal law. Because of this we have experience well beyond most attorneys who practice only criminal law. For instance, we handle complex product liability and medical malpractice cases, which require experts from advanced scientific fields that could be useful in your criminal case defense. Your defense may very well depend on an expert from the “higher sciences” such as: biomechanical engineering; neuroscience; chemical engineering; cardiology; pediatrics; pathology; vehicle crashworthiness; defective airbags; fire origination; DNA testing; laboratory sciences; hematology; pulmonology; pharmacology; toxicology; epidemiology; histology; physics; obstetrics; gynecology; SANE nursing; dermatology; and accident reconstruction. At Quackenbush Law Firm we have been utilizing expert witnesses in civil and criminal cases for nearly 30 years. We have a vast database of experts to select from, most with worldwide reputations. Your freedom may very well depend on one or more of these experts joining your defense team.

For nearly 30 years, Amarillo residents have trusted Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush with their freedom and sometimes their lives.  From capital murder to DWI cases, Quackenbush has proven his skills in the courtroom. Quackenbush is also known for his “take-no-prisoner” attitude toward Judges. To him “they wear stripes, like referees and referees make mistakes all the time. I don’t look at them as Gods, like some lawyers. When I’m in the courtroom its my courtroom, not theirs. Its my clients only chance for freedom and I take that seriously.”

In an aggravated sexual assault of a child case in Austin, Texas, the sitting Trial Judge (a former Texas Court of Appeals Judge) threatened Quackenbush with “contempt” charges if he kept on with his intense line of questioning of the “outcry” witness, the Aunt of the “alleged” victim. She practiced Wicca, a form of Pagan Witchcraft. Quackenbush kept on with questions about her book of spells and curses and the Judge ordered the Jury out of the courtroom. Most of the Jurors had shocked looks on their faces as they left. “Taking a stand for what’s right is the only path to victory with a jury in the courtroom,” according to Quackenbush. He won the Austin trial and credits his hardball tactics with the Judge. “ I put my freedom on the line for my client, so that the Jury would known the importance of their decision. It worked,” he stated.