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Amarillo Auto Accident Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush of Quackenbush Law Firm has already achieved a 2017 wrongful death settlement for one family guaranteeing them a $3.2 million dollar net recovery AFTER attorney fees and expenses.  The case involved a Fortune Global 500 Corporation who’s undertrained employees caused an 18 wheeler accident and horrific explosion.  According to Quackenbush, the multi-national corporation agreed to settle with his clients without the need for protracted litigation because he was prepared to fight.  According to Quackenbush, at his firm “winning IS everything!”

Amarillo Auto Accident Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush started his career in 1988 taking Auto Accident Wrongful Death cases to jury trials.  He didn’t settle cheap and the other side learned quickly that they could “pay now” or “pay later” but they would “pay full damages.” According to Quackenbush, many personal injury attorneys are sell-out artists and refuse to do the hard work necessary to obtain large verdicts and settlements.  They refuse to spend their own money on experts like engineers, accident reconstructionists, economists, life care planners and pathologists.  In most wrongful death cases, in Quackenbush’s opinion, it’s legal malpractice for an attorney not to hire experts such as these.

Any attorney can put an ad in the Yellowpages or on Google, but it takes a real fighter to win hundreds of  jury trials, like Quackenbush has done over the last 29 years.

When Quackenbush Law Firm gets a call from a potential client who is in need of an Amarillo Auto Accident Attorney, Mr. Quackenbush starts off by going to the scene to photograph the evidence. He then photographs all physical injuries and property damage.  Finally, he takes witness statements from any witnesses to the accident.  If necessary, our accident reconstruction team is called in to measure and analyze all aspect of the scene.  Typically, these experts charge our firm $5,000.00 for their initial report. Next, we make sure our clients are receiving reasonable and necessary medical care. At Quackenbush Law Firm we have a network of healthcare providers who we work with on a daily basis and are ready to help you. Many times, attorneys simply leave their clients hanging with no direction or assistance finding healthcare.  If the client has no money or health insurance he/she ends up suffering and his/her claim suffers as well.  Insurance companies routinely deny claims if the accident victim has not treated promptly after an accident.  Some of the specialists we send our clients to are: orthopedic surgeons; neurosurgeons; neurologists; chiropractors; physical therapists; life care planners; pain management specialists; MRI & CT scan radiologists; and plastic surgeons.  In many cases, your own auto insurance PIP coverage will pay for some of this medical care, and we immediately apply for these benefits for you.

If you or a family member have been seriously injured in an auto accident, you need an aggressive, intelligent attorney who is not afraid to take on whomever is responsible as well as their greedy insurance company.  We justify our fees the old fashion way — by earning it.  Amarillo Auto Accident Attorney Offers Free Consultations. 806-374-4024




Automobile accidents happen every single day in Amarillo, Texas.  Injury and death rates exceed many other areas of the State because of Amarillo’s semi-truck and heavy commercial vehicle traffic.  Congestion on Amarillo’s Farm to Market and interstate highways from the oil and gas industry, farm and ranch industry and cross-country motorists all increase the risk of dangerous auto accidents.  If you have been injured or a family member has been killed in an Amarillo automobile accident you need an experienced attorney to help your family get paid damages for: lost wages; survivor benefits; funeral expenses; medical bills; pain and suffering damages; mental anguish damages; physical impairment damages; disfigurement damages; uninsured motorist benefits; and workers compensation benefits.  Our Amarillo automobile accident attorney can help you get what you deserve.  Let us help your family through hard times.  Call us now for a free consultation.  (806) 374-4024

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Mobile device distraction has become the number one cause of deadly Big-Rig Semi-Truck accidents. An ABC News-Odessa Investigative Report provided shocking video proof of Big-Rig Semi-Truck operators using cellphones while driving on busy Texas highways. The report verifies that Big-Rig Semi-Truck drivers mobile device usage is rampant and at epidemic levels. Any vehicle operator using a mobile device while driving is dangerous, but when Big-Rig Semi-Truck drivers become distracted the consequences usually result in deaths. To make matters worse, the Big-Rig Semi-Truck distracted driver’s employers are doing absolutely nothing to stop this epidemic which they are creating. Texas and New Mexico DPS have only a limited number of officers patrolling who are trained to investigate Big-Rig Semi-Truck operators. Another problem is the height of the Big-Rig Semi-Trucks. DPS troopers complain that they simply cannot see into the Big-Rig Semi-Trucks to detect mobile device use. Amarillo’s Big-Rig Semi-Truck Distracted Driver Attorney has the experience and training to protect your rights. If you have been victimized by a Texas or New Mexico Big-Rig Semi-Truck distracted driver, call us now for a free consultation: (806) 374-4024.


Amarillo’s Best High Asset Divorce Attorney

Jesse Quackenbush Will Fight Hard To Protect Your Rights…Call 806-374-4024 For A Free Consultation

Amarillo’s best high asset divorce lawyer, Jesse Quackenbush, offers free initial counseling in high asset/high conflict divorce battles. All to often, families are torn apart emotionally and financially by crooked lawyers looking to line their pockets and prevent settlement. Amarillo’s top divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush appreciates and understands the emotional distress of divorce and the lifelong negative impact fighting parents can have on children. For these reasons, Amarillo divorce lawyer, Jesse Quackenbush works immediately upon retention to try to move the parties swiftly to final resolution. Parties can save extraordinary amounts of money (otherwise wasted on unnecessary experts and attorney fees) by simply having an experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable divorce attorney. Amarillo’s best high asset divorce attorney, Jesse Quackenbush, offers this advice to his potential clients: “If you’re contemplating divorce and need an attorney, you need to be careful and not make common mistakes which could waste significant resources and create unneeded emotional burdens. In my opinion, many divorce lawyers are con-artists who thrive on creating high conflict to perpetuate more fees. These bottom-feeding, rip-off lawyers thrive in every community and should be put out of business. The worst, in my opinion, are crooked lawyers who convince their clients to: make false allegations to CPS of sexual abuse or domestic abuse; make false claims of drug and/or alcohol abuse; hire equally crooked family counselors to make up abuse stories; and encourage parental alienation. In my opinion, divorce lawyers who entice their clients to engage in these activities, should be stopped. The harm they do is simply inexcusable and unprofessional.”

If you need an honest divorce lawyer with integrity and compassion, call Amarillo’s best high asset divorce lawyer, Jesse Quackenbush for your free consultation. 806-374-4024.




Amarillo Personal Injury Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush of Quackenbush Law Firm has been representing personal injury and wrongful death accident victims for nearly 30 years.  Many times his clients are the family members of accident victims who were killed by the negligent conduct of another person or corporation.  According to Quackenbush, the most devastating wrongful death cases, from an emotional standpoint, involve the death of a child.  “As a father of five, I can appreciate the magnitude of the loss and counsel parents, not as an attorney, but as a man who knows how deep a parent’s love is for their child.”  In these special type cases, Quackenbush knows from decades of experience that the grief is different than when someone loses a sibling, parent or spouse.  As adults, we all learn to accept the inevitable nature of life and that with time we all die.  However, when a parent unexpectedly loses a child, the natural, temporal equilibrium of “life” is broken.  The parent who is left behind has little or no defense to the overwhelming grief and damage done to the bond between parent and child.  For these reasons, Quackenbush counsels first and litigates second.  He makes sure the parents understand that the litigation process is sometimes long and tedious. Every time the parents are needed for legal purposes, it’s like ripping a scab from a partially healed wound. “They need to know that the process will cause pain before agreeing to go forward.”  According to Quackenbush, to hide this fact from the grieving parents is unethical and morally wrong.  Some parents decide against facing that type of enduring pain and torment and simply move on.  Others feel compelled to go forward with litigation because of a sense of commitment to their child and look forward to achieving knowledge that perhaps the process may result in saving another child from the same consequence.  Other parents feel compelled to make the negligent person or company stand responsible for the consequences of their actions.  If the parents decide to litigate, Quackenbush promises to proceed with diligence to assure no time is wasted.  Why?  Because he knows that the grieving process will never end until the litigation is over. If you have suffered the loss of a child because of another’s negligence, you need to pick your attorney carefully.

For many parents who are suffering the loss of a child, they are experiencing the death process for the first time. Many parents are young enough and lucky enough to still have parents and grandparents still living. Facing a death for the first time, young parents are easily overwhelmed with emotion. It’s important they obtain grief counseling immediately, if not from a professional counselor then from readily available books at local bookstores or online.  When young parents learn of the five “stages of grief,” they begin the process of healing.  They begin to feel what is written and trust they will survive emotionally, psychologically and physically.  The five stages: denial; anger; bargaining; depression; and acceptance — once learned and understood, give young parents the tools to survive. Many times, our staff is asked to help out by actually going to the hospital to be with the family when the loved one is about to pass on.  We are honored to be a part of the family’s emotional journey and do this without hesitation.  When asked, we also assist with autopsy, funeral, and burial arrangements, both logistically and financially.  Very few law firms are willing to assist in such a way.  At Quackenbush Law Firm, we feel this type of assistance is a part of our “counselor” duties as attorney.  We have never regretted serving our clients this way, and our clients are always appreciative.  In fact, these efforts assist with building a “trust bond” with our clients.

Although it is very important that your family act quickly to preserve evidence and protect their rights, deciding which law firm to hire should not be done without caution.  Many attorneys in Amarillo advertise that they handle wrongful death cases, but the truth is that only a handful do this type of work on a regular basis.  Even worse, some of the most prominent TV attorneys professing to be “Strong Arms” and “Heavy Hitters” have virtually no trial experience whatsoever.  They sign-up complex wrongful death cases without disclosing their inexperience to their clients.  This is ethically compromised behavior and as a consumer its your job to do your own research.  Before signing a contract with the prospective attorney ask him/her the following questions:

a) Do you have malpractice insurance?

b) How may wrongful death cases do you presently handle per year, not including cases you refer to other attorneys?

c) When was the last time you tried a wrongful death case to a jury, by yourself or as first chair?

d) Have you ever obtained a million dollar verdict from a jury? (Not a settlement – a jury verdict)

e) Could you provide a list of satisfied clients who also suffered wrongful death of a  family member?

If the Attorney refuses or hesitates to answer any of these questions, you should run fast and call another attorney.  Finally, do not be persuaded by attorney ranking lists like Avvo, Best Lawyers or Top Lawyers, as these rankings are sometimes based, on how much a lawyer is willing to pay their organization.  Similarly, board certifications and membership with certain Trial Lawyer organizations do not guarantee the attorney is even an actual “Trial Lawyer.”  Don’t be fooled.  If you have lost a loved one because of the negligence of another person or company, Amarillo Personal Injury Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush Offers Free Consultations. 806-374-4024.


Criminal defense

Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney



Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush of Quackenbush Law Firm has been representing criminally accused clients since 1988.  He has dedicated his entire career to protecting those who have been wrongfully accused of crimes as well as many who are guilty but don’t deserve the ridiculous punishment offers being presented by overzealous prosecutors in Texas.  According to Quackenbush, “not knowing your rights is like not having any rights at all! Everyone deserves competent counsel and the chance to obtain justice.”   Mr. Quackenbush promises to fight hard for your rights and hire the best expert witnesses, if necessary, to assure your chances of a fair trial.

Mr. Quackenbush practices many types of law, not just criminal law.  Because of this we have experience well beyond most attorneys who practice only criminal law.  For instance, we handle complex product liability and medical malpractice cases, which require experts from advanced scientific fields that could be useful in your criminal case defense.  Your defense may very well depend on an expert from the “higher sciences” such as: biomechanical engineering; neuroscience; chemical engineering; cardiology; pediatrics; pathology; vehicle crashworthiness; defective airbags; fire origination; DNA testing; laboratory sciences; hematology; pulmonology; pharmacology; toxicology; epidemiology; histology; physics; obstetrics; gynecology; SANE nursing; dermatology; and accident reconstruction. At Quackenbush Law Firm we have been utilizing expert witnesses in civil and criminal cases for nearly 30 years. We have a vast database of experts to select from, most with worldwide reputations.  Your freedom may very well depend on one or more of these experts joining your defense team.

For nearly 30 years, Amarillo residents have trusted Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush with their freedom and sometimes their lives.    From capital murder to DWI cases, Quackenbush has proven his skills in the courtroom.  Quackenbush is also known for his “take-no-prisoner” attitude toward Judges.  To him “they wear stripes, like referees and referees make mistakes all the time.  I don’t look at them as Gods, like some lawyers. When I’m in the courtroom its my courtroom, not theirs. Its my clients only chance for freedom and I take that seriously.”

In an aggravated sexual assault of a child case in Austin, Texas, the sitting Trial Judge (a former Texas Court of Appeals Judge) threatened Quackenbush with “contempt” charges if he kept on with his intense line of questioning of the “outcry” witness, the Aunt of the “alleged” victim. She practiced Wicca, a form of Pagan Witchcraft. Quackenbush kept on with questions about her book of spells and curses and the Judge ordered the Jury out of the courtroom.  Most of the Jurors had shocked looks on their faces as they left.  “Taking a stand for what’s right is the only path to victory with a jury in the courtroom,” according to Quackenbush.  He won the Austin trial and credits his hardball tactics with the Judge.  “ I put my freedom on the line for my client, so that the Jury would known the importance of their decision.  It worked,” he stated.  Unfortunately, most lawyers don’t take their jobs as serious as Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush.

Its very important for clients to understand that your “case” is only as strong as your attorney.  You can have great facts and witnesses for your defense, but a deficient attorney can take away your edge.  Lack of investigation. Lack of confidence. Lack of organization. Lack of exhibits. Lack of subpoenas for witnesses. Lack of proper courtroom demeanor. Lack of secretarial and paralegal assistance. Lack of money for expert witness trial testimony. Lack of trial experience. All of these problems could assure a guilty verdict or punishment more harsh than deserved.

If you have been charged with a serious crime, don’t take chances with your freedom.  You need an aggressive, intelligent attorney who is not afraid to take your case to a jury. Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush Offers Free Consultations. 806-374-4024.



Amarillo Criminal Trial Lawyer Jesse Quackenbush Client Tips.

Amarillo Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Jesse Quackenbush of Quackenbush Law Firm has already accomplished a 2017 seven-figure settlement on behalf of a family who’s loved one was killed by a medication error at a local hospital.  According to Quackenbush, a hospital nurse negligently administered heparin and eliquis simultaneously, causing a brain bleed and death.  The hospital agreed to settle with the victim’s family without the need for prolonged litigation.  Mr. Quackenbush fights medical malpractice cases every day and fights to win!   For the last two decades, Texas Medical Malpractice victim’s have suffered from the effects of tort reform laws designed to eliminate their rights.  The first laws passed set up stringent pre-suit notification rules which could eliminate your right to a jury trial by simply failing to send the negligent doctor, nurse or hospital “notice” of their errors by Certified Mail.  Shortly after, the Texas Legislature passed laws requiring very technical expert reports be provided to the negligent doctor, nurse or hospital.  Again, failure to provide an expert report, even before meaningful discovery is allowed, may result in dismissal of your lawsuit forever.  More recently, Texas laws became the tightest in the nation with damage caps on non-economic damages of $250,000.00.


Amarillo Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Jesse Quackenbush offers representation for the following types of cases: medication errors; hospital burns; nursing IV infiltration negligence; surgical errors; negligent gallbladder surgery; birth injuries; infection from equipment; retained sponges; retained equipment; failure to diagnose cancer; failure to diagnose heart attack; nursing negligence; negligent appendectomy; VA hospital claims; elder abuse; nursing home negligence; dropped patients; failure to consult with specialists; defective drugs; compounding pharmacy errors; defective medical devices; Eliquis; Pradaxa; Prilosec; Nexium; Talc Powder – Ovarian Cancer; injuries to children; labor & delivery negligence; negligent medication administration; surgical damage to organs; midwife negligence; brain damaged babies with cerebral palsy.




Don’t hire the wrong lawyer by mistake!  Amarillo personal injury attorney Jesse Quackenbush has been serving clients throughout Texas and New Mexico for over 28 years and know how to force insurance companies to pay you money you deserve for: lost wages; rental cars; medical bills; pain and suffering damages; mental anguish damages; physical impairment damages; funeral expenses; survivor benefits; worker compensation benefits; disfigurement damages; and property damages.  According to the State Bar of Texas, it’s important that you find out the experience level of the attorney you are hiring.  Some attorneys in Amarillo advertise that they are “Heavy Hitters” or “Strong Arms” and, the truth is — they have very limited courtroom experience.  Before setting an appointment with an Amarillo personal injury attorney, it’s important that you ask that attorney the following questions:

1. When was your last jury trial?

2.  What were the results of your last 5 jury trials?

3.  How many jury trials have you “first chaired” in your career?

4.  If you are not taking cases to trial regularly, how well will you preform for me if you have to take my case before a jury?

5.  Could your lack of trial experience possibly affect the outcome of my case?

6.  Is it possible the insurance company will pay less money to me because of your jury trial inexperience?

If the “Heavy Hitting” or “Strong Armed” lawyer refuses to answer these simple questions, you should take the time to look for another lawyer.  It’s your case — don’t make a mistake!

Although we can never guarantee the results of any particular case, we are confident in our proven trial experience.  Every case presents different facts, but the process of trial is always the same.  In order for any attorney to win at trial, he/she most know the process well.  At Quackenbush Law Firm we are not afraid to fight for your rights and take your case all the way to a jury, if necessary.  Call us now for your free consultation.  (806) 374-4024

Texas Bar Article: Honesty Is The Best Policy


Amarillo, Texas is one of the busiest trucking crossroads in America. Local oil & gas, cattle ranching and agricultural markets have chocked I-40 and I-27 with big-rigs. Narrow Farm-To-Market roads are the most treacherous in the United States. The result has been an increase in catastrophic accidents caused by fatigued drivers, typically working too many hours, in violation of federal laws. If your family has experienced a tragedy at the hands of the trucking industry, you need an Amarillo Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorney who knows how to fight hard for your family’s rights. Tricks commonly used by trucking companies: hiding evidence; destroying black box data; altering time logs. After a tractor-trailer accident, the faulty driver’s employer always sends an army of investigators to the scene to gather evidence. The problem is that they rarely preserve this evidence if it hurts their case. It’s very important that you hire an experienced Amarillo Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorney and begin protecting your family’s rights.


Tragedies caused by drunk-drivers are on the rise. If a member of your family has been killed by a drunk-driver, your family needs help from an Amarillo DWI Accident Attorney and a team of experts to gather and preserve evidence. In every DWI fatality case our Amarillo DWI Accident Attorney hires a team of experts within hours of our acceptance of your case. Toxicologists, Accident Reconstructionists, Alcohol Service & Hospitality Industry Standards Experts and Economists make up most of our DWI fatality accident teams.  We understand that police agencies are not always reliable when it comes to gathering and preserving evidence. For instance, in most criminal DWI cases the prosecutor assigned will not be concerned about proof of where the alcohol was served to the drunk-driver. It is critical that your Amarillo DWI Accident Attorney discover this information immediately through investigations. Why? Most insured bars and restaurants have security video that erase after 15-30 days. This evidence will be the best proof of the drunk-drivers demeanor prior to the accident. Black box data must be preserved by your Amarillo DWI-Accident Attorney. Witnesses need to be located and statements taken. Wrongful deaths caused by the overservice of alcohol to drunk drivers is happening everyday at many bars and restaurants in Amarillo. Why? Greed! Responsible alcohol service means lower profits. Don’t remain silent on this issue! By pursuing your claim you may actually change attitudes or save a life. Our Amarillo DWI Accident Attorney understands your misery and all of the uncertainties you are attempting to confront. Let us help your family through this tragedy.


Medical Malpractice Attorney – Failure to Diagnose:

If you have cancer or another serious illness, time is your most critical and significant asset. If your disease is diagnosed in time, you have options. Modern medicine offers you the optimum chance for survival or cure. Unfortunately, if your disease or illness is not diagnosed in a timely manner by your Amarillo doctors, you do not have as many treatment options.

You depend on doctors to accurately diagnose your condition the first time around. When Amarillo doctors misread test results or fail to order appropriate tests, these actions or inactions can cost lives. If you have lost a loved one due to an Amarillo doctor’s failure to diagnose an illness, or if you have suffered metastic disease secondary to an undiagnosed cancer, you need an experienced Amarillo failure to diagnose attorney on your side.

People across Amarillo and Texas have turned to failure to diagnose attorneys at Quackenbush Law Firm for strong legal representation in medical malpractice cases. We take on medical professionals who have breached their duty to their patients. We are able to handle every kind of case involving a hospital or physician’s failure to diagnose and treat a disease in a timely fashion, including:

Delayed diagnosis of cancer. When cancer is not detected early, it can spread to other parts of the body and lead to death. Our Amarillo failure to diagnose attorney serves victims of every type of cancer misdiagnosis, including breast cancer misdiagnosis.

Medical or doctor misdiagnosis. The misdiagnosis of an illness leads to delayed and ineffective treatments. Our Amarillo failure to diagnose attorney will hold doctors responsible for their negligence.

Failure to diagnose and prevent a heart attack. In too many Amarillo emergency rooms, doctors send patients home with symptoms of a heart attack. Death is usually the result. Often there is a callous failure to perform rudimentary procedures such as serial EKG and blood enzyme analysis.

Failure to properly read X-rays and mammograms. Amarillo radiologists are trained to read and interpret X-rays. When they make mistakes, the patient loses valuable time to combat disease like breast cancer.

Misdiagnosis of appendicitis. Appendicitis is often misdiagnosed for less serious conditions like indigestion and flu. A delay in diagnosis can lead to severe medical complications requiring extensive medical treatment, or even wrongful death.

Misdiagnosis of colon cancer. Colon cancer often goes undetected before it becomes life threatening. Patients exhibiting signs of colon cancer should be screened as soon as possible and treatments including cure are possible.

Misdiagnosis of bladder cancer. When detected early, bladder cancer is often treatable. A delay in diagnosis, however, can allow the cancer to spread into the nodal system, significantly limiting the patient’s chances of survival.

Misdiagnosis of liver cancer. Liver cancer is difficult to treat even when detected early. When doctors misdiagnose this disease, it all too often results in wrongful death.

Misdiagnosis of esophageal cancer. Esophageal cancer is a rare but deadly form of cancer. Warning signs are difficulty swallowing and painful swallowing.

Misdiagnosis of lung cancer. While there is no cure to lung cancer, a timely diagnosis can significantly ease symptoms and prolong life.

In every case, our Amarillo failure to diagnose attorney will make a complete investigation of your claim and bring a lawsuit against those responsible.

Call us at 806-374-4024 or chat online to schedule a free, confidential consultation. Our Amarillo failure to diagnose attorney represents clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning we charge you nothing if there is no financial recovery.

Birth Injuries:

Improper medical care or medical negligence in Amarillo during childbirth may cause physical harm to the mother of the child or both. This type of injury is known as a birth injury. Our Amarillo birth injury attorney is trained to evaluate your child’s medical records to detect medical or nursing errors. Some common birth injuries include: cerebral palsy (CP); Erb’s palsy and other nerve injuries; brain injuries; spinal injuries; broken bones; and brachial plexus injuries.

Damage to the brain is one of the leading causes of cerebral palsy. This can be caused by lack of oxygen or damage to one or more parts of the brain. Symptoms can range from mild to a life spent in a wheelchair, with the need for 24/7 care.

An example of birth injury to the nerves is Erb’s Palsy, affecting the brachial plexus network of the nerves on each side of the upper body. The plexus controls movement and feeling in the shoulder, arm and hand. Symptoms are numbness, weakness, and paralysis on whichever arm is damaged.

The most tragic form of birth injury is the one that could have been prevented by proper care before, during and after labor and delivery. Amarillo birth injuries can be caused by improper medical care. You can speak with our Amarillo birth injury attorney by calling 806-374-4024 or chat live online to receive a free consultation. If negligence is found, a settlement or judgment can help you and your family with the ongoing costs of care.

Nursing Home Neglect:

If a loved one has been placed in a nursing home in Amarillo , you expect them to receive the best possible care. Unfortunately, seniors who reside in nursing home settings do not always receive the care they require, resulting from negligence or abuse. If you or loved one has been injured, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately by calling our Amarillo nursing home neglect attorney at 806-374-4024.

Nursing home neglect can come in many forms from staff, nurses or physicians. It can include neglect of personal hygiene, medical treatment, even emotional needs. It is important to act now if you believe that a loved one has been injured in Amarillo due to nursing home neglect.

There are special laws in Texas that were enacted to protect the rights of persons in a nursing home setting. Some claims resulting in compensation for residents and families result from: falls; bed sores; physical or sexual abuse; general neglect; and death.

You trusted these caregivers to provide quality care to your family. At Quackenbush Law Firm in Amarillo we have over 28 years experience handling these cases. Our nursing home neglect attorney will provide close personal attention to you and work to obtain full compensation for your family.

Contact Quackenbush Law Firm at 806-374-4024 or chat live online for a free consultation about your excessive force, civil rights, wrongful death case.

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The Last Word—Documentary: Johnny Frank Garrett, Wrongful Execution, True Crime

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The Last Word—Documentary: Johnny Frank Garrett, Wrongful Execution, True Crime

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