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Amarillo Auto Accident Lawyer, Jesse Quackenbush of Quackenbush Law Firm has recently achieved a wrongful death settlement for one family guaranteeing them a $3.2 million dollar net recovery AFTER attorney fees and expenses.  The case involved a Fortune Global 500 Corporation who’s undertrained employees caused an 18 wheeler accident and horrific explosion.  According to Quackenbush, the multi-national corporation agreed to settle with his clients without the need for protracted litigation because he was prepared to fight.  According to Quackenbush, at his firm “winning IS everything!”

Amarillo Auto Accident Lawyer, Jesse Quackenbush started his career in 1988 taking Auto Accident Wrongful Death cases to jury trials.  He didn’t settle cheap and the other side learned quickly that they could “pay now” or “pay later” but they would “pay full damages.”

When Quackenbush Law Firm gets a call from a potential client who is in need of an Amarillo Auto Accident Attorney, Mr. Quackenbush starts off by going to the scene to photograph the evidence. He then photographs all physical injuries and property damage.  Finally, he takes witness statements from any witnesses to the accident.  If necessary, our accident reconstruction team is called in to measure and analyze all aspect of the scene. 

If you or a family member have been seriously injured in an 18 Wheeler, Big-Rig, Truck, Motorcycle or auto accident, you need an aggressive, intelligent attorney who is not afraid to take on whomever is responsible as well as their greedy insurance company.  We justify our fees the old fashion way — by earning it.  Amarillo Auto Accident Lawyer Offers Free Consultations. 806-374-4024



Automobile accidents happen every single day in Amarillo, Texas.  Injury and death rates exceed many other areas of the State because of Amarillo’s semi-truck and heavy commercial vehicle traffic.  Congestion on Amarillo’s Farm to Market and interstate highways from the oil and gas industry, farm and ranch industry and cross-country motorists all increase the risk of dangerous auto accidents.  If you have been injured or a family member has been killed in an Amarillo automobile accident you need an experienced attorney to help your family get paid damages for: lost wages; survivor benefits; funeral expenses; medical bills; pain and suffering damages; mental anguish damages; physical impairment damages; disfigurement damages; uninsured motorist benefits; and workers compensation benefits.  Our Amarillo automobile accident attorney can help you get what you deserve.  Let us help your family through hard times.  Call us now for a free consultation.  (806) 374-4024
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Amarillo Criminal Lawyer Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush of Quackenbush Law Firm has been representing criminally accused clients since 1988.  He has dedicated his entire career to protecting those who have been wrongfully accused of crimes as well as many who are guilty but don’t deserve the ridiculous punishment offers being presented by overzealous prosecutors in Texas.  According to Quackenbush, “not knowing your rights is like not having any rights at all! Everyone deserves competent counsel and the chance to obtain justice.”   Mr. Quackenbush promises to fight hard for your rights and hire the best expert witnesses, if necessary, to assure your chances of a fair trial.

For 30 years, Amarillo residents have trusted Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush with their freedom and sometimes their lives.    From capital murder to DWI cases, Quackenbush has proven his skills in the courtroom. 

Its very important for clients to understand that your “case” is only as strong as your attorney.  You can have great facts and witnesses for your defense, but a deficient attorney can take away your edge.  Lack of investigation. Lack of confidence. Lack of organization. Lack of exhibits. Lack of subpoenas for witnesses. Lack of proper courtroom demeanor. Lack of secretarial and paralegal assistance. Lack of money for expert witness trial testimony. Lack of trial experience. All of these problems could assure a guilty verdict or punishment more harsh than deserved.

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If you have been charged with a serious crime, don’t take chances with your freedom.  You need an aggressive, intelligent attorney who is not afraid to take your case to a jury. Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush Offers Free Consultations. 806-374-4024.


Mr. Quackenbush fights medical malpractice cases every day and fights to win!   For the last two decades, Texas Medical Malpractice victim’s have suffered from the effects of tort reform laws designed to eliminate their rights.  The first laws passed set up stringent pre-suit notification rules which could eliminate your right to a jury trial by simply failing to send the negligent doctor, nurse or hospital “notice” of their errors by Certified Mail.  Shortly after, the Texas Legislature passed laws requiring very technical expert reports be provided to the negligent doctor, nurse or hospital.  Again, failure to provide an expert report, even before meaningful discovery is allowed, may result in dismissal of your lawsuit forever. 
Amarillo Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Jesse Quackenbush offers representation for the following types of cases: medication errors; hospital burns; nursing IV infiltration negligence; surgical errors; negligent gallbladder surgery; birth injuries; infection from equipment; retained sponges; retained equipment; failure to diagnose cancer; failure to diagnose heart attack; nursing negligence; negligent appendectomy; VA hospital claims; elder abuse; nursing home negligence; dropped patients; failure to consult with specialists; defective drugs; compounding pharmacy errors; defective medical devices; Eliquis; Pradaxa; Prilosec; Nexium; Talc Powder – Ovarian Cancer; injuries to children; labor & delivery negligence; negligent medication administration; surgical damage to organs; midwife negligence; brain damaged babies with cerebral palsy.




Don’t hire the wrong lawyer by mistake!  Amarillo personal injury attorney Jesse Quackenbush has been serving clients throughout Texas and New Mexico for over 30 years and know how to force insurance companies to pay you money you deserve for: lost wages; rental cars; medical bills; pain and suffering damages; mental anguish damages; physical impairment damages; funeral expenses; survivor benefits; worker compensation benefits; disfigurement damages; and property damages. 

Amarillo, Texas is one of the busiest trucking crossroads in America. Local oil & gas, cattle ranching and agricultural markets have chocked I-40 and I-27 with big-rigs. Narrow Farm-To-Market roads are the most treacherous in the United States. The result has been an increase in catastrophic accidents caused by fatigued drivers, typically working too many hours, in violation of federal laws. If your family has experienced a tragedy at the hands of the trucking industry, you need an Amarillo Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorney who knows how to fight hard for your family’s rights. Tricks commonly used by trucking companies: hiding evidence; destroying black box data; altering time logs. After a tractor-trailer accident, the faulty driver’s employer always sends an army of investigators to the scene to gather evidence. The problem is that they rarely preserve this evidence if it hurts their case. It’s very important that you hire an experienced Amarillo Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorney and begin protecting your family’s rights.


Tragedies caused by drunk-drivers are on the rise. If a member of your family has been killed by a drunk-driver, your family needs help from an Amarillo DWI Accident Attorney and a team of experts to gather and preserve evidence. In every DWI fatality case our Amarillo DWI DRAM SHOP Accident Attorney hires a team of experts within hours of our acceptance of your case. Toxicologists, Accident Reconstructionists, Alcohol Service & Hospitality Industry Standards Experts and Economists make up most of our DWI fatality accident teams.  We understand that police agencies are not always reliable when it comes to gathering and preserving evidence. For instance, in most criminal DWI cases the prosecutor assigned will not be concerned about proof of where the alcohol was served to the drunk-driver. It is critical that your Amarillo DWI Accident Attorney discover this information immediately through investigations. Why? Most insured bars and restaurants have security video that erase after 15-30 days. This evidence will be the best proof of the drunk-drivers demeanor prior to the accident. Black box data must be preserved by your Amarillo DWI-Accident Attorney. Witnesses need to be located and statements taken. Wrongful deaths caused by the overservice of alcohol to drunk drivers is happening everyday at many bars and restaurants in Amarillo. Why? Greed! Responsible alcohol service means lower profits. Don’t remain silent on this issue! By pursuing your claim you may actually change attitudes or save a life. Our Amarillo DWI Accident – Dram Shop Attorney understands your misery and all of the uncertainties you are attempting to confront. Let us help your family through this tragedy.


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The Last Word—Documentary: Johnny Frank Garrett, Wrongful Execution, True Crime

The Last Word Documentary

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