Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Amarillo Motorcycle Accident Attorney Who Rides!

Have you been hurt in a motorcycle crash? Too often, injured bikers and their passangers are blamed for causing their own injuries in motorcycle accidents. The other driver claims you came out of nowhere or “It was your fault for not wearing a helmet.” The truth, however, is that in many of these cases, the other driver wasn’t following the rules of the road. And, even when wearing protective gear, the biker didn’t stand a chance. Mr. Quackenbush has been an avid motorcyclist since 1978. He understands how these accidents happen. He too has been the victim of negligent auto drivers who simply refuse to keep a proper lookout, causing him to crash three times in the last 35 years. Mr. Quackenbush knows he’s been lucky to avoid serious injuries or even death, but has never forgotten the negligence of others causing his wrecks.

Amarillo Lawyer Providing Help For Injured Bikers:

It takes an experienced personal injury attorney to demonstrate the cause of the accident, the negligence involved and the extent of injuries. At Quackenbush Law Firm, our motorcycle accident lawyer know how to overcome the stigmas attached to motorcyclists and how to prepare a strong case for their financial recovery following a motorcycle wreck.
We also examine contributing factors, such as defective products or dangerous roads, and the role such factors may have played in the wreck.
Clients come to our Amarillo personal injury law firm after suffering a bike wreck and injuries ranging from road rash and bone fractures to more serious injuries such as paralysis, head injuries and loss of limbs. They are facing physical injuries as well as emotional and financial hardships.

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