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Posted on August 23, 2017 by Jesse Quackenbush, Attorney

Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney – Local Nurse Charged In Child’s Death: Attorney Calls For Speedy Trial Claiming Innocence

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From:         Jesse Quackenbush, Attorney

                   Quackenbush Law Firm

Date:           August 23, 2017

Re:              Local Nurse Charged In Child’s Death: Attorney Calls For Speedy                         Trial Claiming Innocence

          Amarillo attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has been hired by local nurse Laura Garrison to defend her against a charge of Injury to a Child.  According to Quackenbush, his client is a “hero not a child killer.”  Garrison is a career nurse with 4 grown children and no history of abuse or criminal charges,” Quackenbush stated.

            According to Quackenbush, he has already started assembling a team of forensic experts to prove his client’s innocence.  “In this case, we will ask the Judge for a speedy trial so that my client can resume her work life as a nurse and clear her good name.  The unfortunate death of Nethanial was not caused by anything my client did or didn’t do.  She has been the child’s surrogate parent, along with several other volunteer nurses, since the baby was born.  This group of professionals were heroes who tried to stand in the way of the child’s abusive parents who were allowing the child to become malnourished and eaten alive by bed bugs.  That’s why Nethanial was at my client’s home and not his parents’ home.  They were horrible parents and neglected the child from the time of his birth.”  Quackenbush continued, “just months ago, CPS called Ms. Garrison as their primary expert witness in a hearing to testify about the parents’ serial abuses of their children and who if either parent was the lesser of two evils.”  Quackenbush went on to speculate that the child’s past medical history probably played a part in the death.  “Nethanial wasn’t blessed with perfect health.  In his short time here on Earth, he required two serious heart surgeries and nearly died recently from aspiration syndrome. I’m sure the DA left that information out of his presentation to the Grand Jury.”

            Quackenbush also pointed out that before Nethanial was even buried the parents “hired an ambulance chasing lawyer from downstate hoping to play the lawsuit lottery on Randall County taxpayers dime.”  Quackenbush continued “[I]n order for the parents to hit the jackpot, they need a conviction of somebody for something and my client and her employer ended up being the most convenient to blame.” 

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Media Announcement

An arrest was made in the June 8th case involving the death of a child

***UPDATE 8-23-17***

On August 23rd detectives with the APD Special Crimes Unit obtained a warrant out of Randall County for the arrest of Laura Alethia Garrison, a 44 year old female. Garrison was charged with Injury to a Child Intentionally Causing Serious Bodily Injury in this case. Garrison turned herself in to the Randall County Jail. 


On June 8, 2017, officers of the Amarillo Police Department were dispatched to the 4000 block of S. Bowie on a 3 year old male child who was unconscious and not breathing. The child was under the care of a home health care professional outside the home. The child was transported to a local hospital and then eventually transferred to a hospital in Ft. Worth, Texas. The child died on June 10, 2017 and Special Crimes took over the investigation. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office performed an autopsy on the child and on August 11, 2017 ruled the manner of death a homicide.  There have been no arrests in this case.  SCU is continuing with the investigation.  Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Special Crimes Unit at 378-9468.  

Information provided by Amarillo Police Department: Nixle

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