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Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney Offers Free Consultations: Odessa doctor Robert Kevin Lynch charged in connection to poisoning of family’s dogs

Posted on April 21, 2017 by Jesse Quackenbush, Attorney

ODESSA — An Odessa doctor has been charged in connection to a family’s dogs being poisoned.

Robert Kevin Lynch, 54, has been charged with three counts of Animal Cruelty, a State Jail Felony.

On December 20th, Odessa Police officers responded to a home on Casa Loma Driver for a call of possible animal cruelty. The complainant told police that a person had given their Great Pyrenees dog raw meat mixed with dog food, raisins, and a white substance.

On December 26th, the complainant called police again stating that a person had given their other dogs, a Great Pyrenees-German Shepard mix and Yorki-Chihuahua mix meat mixed with dog food, raisins, and a white substance.

On December 26th the Great Pyrenees-German Shepard passed away, and a toxicology report showed that the dog had toxins in its system.

On December 29th, the Great Pyrenees passed away, and a toxicology report showed that the dog had toxins in its system.

The Chihuahua-Yorki mix had suffered injures as a result of ingesting the toxins as well, according to OPD.
Surveillance footage identified the person as Robert Kevin Lynch, according to OPD.

On January 9th, detectives executed a search warrant and seized antifreeze, Critter Ridder, and other items from his home. According to OPD, Lynch voluntarily confessed to poisoning the dogs using the raw meat.

OPD Detectives then obtained a warrant for Robert Kevin Lynch who was taken into custody.

Original Story:

An Odessa family is outraged after they say their neighbor intentionally killed two of their dogs with poison.

Now police are investigating and felony charges could be coming very soon after it was all caught on camera.

But until an arrest has been made, the family has asked that we keep their identities anonymous.

They tell me their neighbor ended up poisoning their dogs after complaining that they barked too much.

“That was a bad day,” said Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Schwarz.

It’s a case that Dr. Schwarz says will stick with him forever.

“It look like somebody had put in these specific things that are all bad for dogs and had given it to them,” said Dr. Schwarz.

On December 19th one of Schwarz’s clients brought in their two dogs, one year olds Yuki and Brownie, after they feared they had been poisoned.

The dogs’ owners found a ball of raw meat in their back yard stuffed with what Dr. Schwarz believes may have been antifreeze, some sort of aspirin, grapes and rat poison.

Not knowing where the ball of meat came from, Yuki and Brownie’s owners asked their neighbor for their surveillance footage to see who might have placed it there.

That’s when they learned who the culprit was — a man who lived right behind them.

In the video you can see him throwing what appears to be the ball of raw meat and seconds later one of the dogs is shown walking toward it.

Then, just a few days later it happened again. The family found another ball of meat stuffed with even more toxins.

Unfortunately, Brownie ended up passing away on December 26th from respiratory and cardiac arrest and Yuki died from kidney failure just three days later.

The family had a third dog who did not digest the poison and survived.


Story provided by CBS 7 News. 

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