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Katie Quackenbush: Other Victims of Gregory “Doug” Melton Come Forward In Support Of Katie Quackenbush

Posted on November 10, 2017 by Jesse Quackenbush, Attorney

From the very beginning, Nashville Police have painted a picture of Gregory “Doug” Melton portraying a helpless, down on his luck homeless musician, minding his own business, simply trying to sleep, when without notice or provocation, two blonde women in a white SUV jumped out of their luxury vehicle and shot him twice before fleeing the scene.


The other version of the story, as told by the driver Katie Quackenbush and her passenger, Samantha Hill, was that Melton had threatened to kill them both and they were scared for their lives. According to the two women, they had just left a nightclub and were attempting to get home. Quackenbush drove Hill to her car and parked beside it. There were talking and listening to music when Melton began to verbally accost another group of young females a few yards in front of Quackenbush’s white Porsche. Melton eventually came to the passenger side of their vehicle and began to scream obscenities and threatening to kill them if they didn’t turn down their music. Melton “seemed to be on some mind-altering drug or was psychotic” according to Hill. “He was incomprehensible at times ranting about ‘Melissa’ and something religious,” Hill added. Once Melton left the side of the vehicle, Quackenbush offered to escort Hill to her car and got out with her pistol. Melton reappeared from the shadows and came at Quackenbush calling her a “sandnigger whore” and still threatening to kill her. Quackenbush warned Melton she had a gun and to stay away. He continued to advance and she fired two shots intended to be warning shots. Melton continued coming at Quackenbush so she jumped back into her vehicle and sped away.


According to both women, Melton did not appear injured and continued to yell profanities at them from the middle of the street as they left.


Initial media statements from the Nashville Police incorrectly stated that Melton was asleep on the sidewalk when he was shot. Later Police statements verified this was untrue and that Melton was indeed screaming and arguing with the women.


Quackenbush and Hill both contacted the police to report the incident once news reports indicated Melton was injured. Within days, both women gave sworn statements to the police and have cooperated fully with the investigation.


Now, numerous witnesses have come forward verifying Mr. Melton’s past history of domestic violence and threats to kill dozens of people in Nashville.

First, Nashville attorney Brian Manookian gave a statement to a local TV station and the police that Melton has been threatening to kill him and his legal staff almost daily for the last year and a half. According to Manookian, he and his staff have been so terrified of Melton they all purchased weapons. Manookian also bought a guard dog and surveillance cameras for his office because of Melton’s menacing behavior. Manokian called the father of Katie Quackenbush just days after her arrest reporting these incidents to him because he felt that the threats Katie described to the police matched Melton’s threats to him and his staff exactly. Manookian also confirmed that he had reported Melton’s threatening behavior to Nashville Police and they told him there was nothing they could do and suggested he “buy a gun.”

Next, Melton’s own family members contacted Katie’s father and confirmed Melton was a schizophrenic sociopath who threatened to kill every member of his own family. April Grimenstein, Melton’s step-daughter describes incidents in her video statement of Melton threatening to kill her, her aunt and her mother and actually attempting to strangle her mother. Melton’s sister-in-law, Sandra Crafton confirmed April’s descriptions of Melton’s past domestic violence and threats to choke her until her “eyes popped out.” Finally, Melton’s biological son, Gregory Matthew Melton of New Jersey offered to testify on Katie’s behalf about his horrific memories of Melton threatening his life and others over the years. The son also provided his father’s email messages sent over the past few years further exemplifying the elder Melton’s menacing and delusional ideations and paranoia. (Click here to view emails)


Video statements:


Rewards of $500.00 are now being offered by Katie Quackenbush’s family for other witness statements concerning Melton’s violent behavior, including death threats. Rewards of $1,000.00 are being offered for any video capturing Melton’s violent threats to other people. If you have information concerning Melton contact Katie’s father, Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush, at his website