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Some Companies Forcing Truckers To Exceed Legal Driving Limits

On its website, WLUK-TV Green Bay, WI (4/28, Leland, 23K) reports “federal rules limit the number of hours a driver can work.” However, some “drivers say getting around the law is easy.” The DOT requires drivers to fill-out handwritten sheets “to verify the number of hours a driver works.” Veteran truck driver Gary Bakley says that “if he didn’t alter his driver log books, he would get fired.” According to FMCSA, fatigued commercial truck drivers cause accidents that kill 750 Americans a year, the article notes. FMCSA proposed requiring “electronic driver logging devices back in January of 2011,” the article also notes. Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI) said “electronic onboard recorders are needed to improve highway safety for all motorists.”

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