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Strong Representation Makes The Difference

Amarillo Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve

When an intoxicated individual chooses to get behind the wheel, they place the safety and lives of others at risk. An accident caused by a drunk driver could result in serious injury or even death, leading to high, unexpected expenses. Driving while intoxicated is negligent behavior, and if you or a loved one was the victim of a drunk-driving related accident, you may have the right to pursue legal recourse and seek compensation for damages.

At Quackenbush Law Firm, the attorney will fight hard to protect your rights and seek a just settlement on your behalf. I know that no amount of money can erase the experience of your accident, but it can show the other driver that their negligence and recklessness will not be tolerated by holding them financially responsible for their actions.

Is It Worth Suing a Drunk Driver in Texas?

Absolutely! Texas is a pure negligence state, meaning filing for a lawsuit is highly appropriate against a drunk driver who caused you injuries. In addition, when insurance companies do not pay enough for any property damage, medical bills, wages, and suffering, it's recommended to file a suit if the at-fault driver is uninsured or companies wrongfully deny your claim.

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Providing Compassionate and Aggressive Representation

This attorney will be on your side throughout your case, providing the legal guidance you need. I will take care of the details of the claims process while you focus on recovering from your accident.

Backed by over 30 years of experience I know how to build an effective strategy for these types of cases. With access to extensive resources, I will thoroughly investigate the facts of your drunk driving accident, interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence, to establish fault. I will also fight hard against insurance companies during negotiations or in court to work toward recovering fair compensation on your behalf.

Schedule a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Case

Pursuing a claim after a drunk driving accident is complex, as there are various laws concerning your rights. Also, trying to get the compensation you deserve from the other driver’s insurance company could prove difficult because they do everything they can to protect their financial interests. Rather than attempting to navigate this process on your own, allow a skilled lawyer to handle the matter. Having legal counsel on your side could make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case.

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