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Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney

Trusted, Proven & Trial-Tested Criminal Defense Representation

Have you been accused of a crime? You need an experienced and aggressive Amarillo criminal defense attorney who is not afraid to take your case to court, stand in front of judges and juries, and apply exhaustive and intensive legal skills both in and out of the TX courtroom.

That is what you will find at Quackenbush Law Firm.

Accused of a crime? Call (806) 424-4108 for a free initial consultation. Quackenbush Law Firm now accepts credit card payments, down payments, and monthly payments for criminal cases.

When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You should hire a criminal defense attorney immediately! Preferably, it would be nice to have an attorney with you during your arrest. Even though this is not possible, you should try to talk to an attorney as soon as possible after your release from being arrested.

As your attorney, I understand what is on the line for my clients accused of criminal offenses. You could face jail or prison time, heavy fines, probation, restitution to alleged victims, and other penalties. With a criminal conviction on your record, future opportunities can be restricted.

Because of all this, I work hard to give you the best chance at a favorable outcome.

Cases I Handle

I have been helping individuals under investigation or charged with criminal offenses in Amarillo, TX for more than 30 years. Because of that, I'm deeply familiar with Texas statutes, TX criminal law case, and the local Amarillo court system.

No matter what type of criminal charge you are facing, I am here to help.

I handle all criminal cases in Amarillo, including those involving:

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Accused of a Crime?

First of all, don’t panic. Remember, we have an entire criminal justice system that both convicts the guilty and defends the innocent. The right to a defense is important. It’s built into the Constitution, and the state even pays for your attorney when you cannot afford one.

Next, stay quiet. The police want you to believe that they know you are guilty, and it will be easier on you if you confess. This is a trick. They know that they can use anything you say against you. By duping you into saying something they want to hear, they make their job easier. Protect yourself by using the next step.

Call an attorney. From now on, this person speaks for you. Whenever you meet with any authority, from an officer to the D.A., have your lawyer present. Utilize your right to remain silent, and allow your attorney to do their job.

Should I Take a Plea Bargain?

To expedite the case, prosecutors will offer you a plea bargain. If you plead guilty, they say, you can receive a lighter sentence. They want you to believe that they have enough evidence to convict you, and taking the bargain is your best option.

Follow your attorney’s advice on such bargains. They know the law, and they know how strong a case is. They are working in your best interest, and you should trust their assessment.

What Is the Difference Between an Accusation, Charge, and Conviction?

Accusation: In common language, we use the words “accused” and “accusation” loosely. When we say it, we’re often referring to someone who was not convicted of a crime. Maybe they were arrested and never stood trial. Perhaps they stood trial and were found not guilty. Sometimes, the accusation doesn’t go far enough to warrant an arrest.

Charge: In legal terms, an “accusation” and a “charge” are the same. This is when someone is formally accused of a crime. When someone is arrested, they have been charged. From there, they await trial. Depending on the circumstances, they could stay free until their trial, or they could wait while in jail.

Conviction: This is when someone is found guilty of a crime. Once convicted, this person is sentenced. With a minor crime, sentencing can occur shortly after a conviction. In a major courtroom case, sentencing could take place months after a conviction. Once sentenced, the convicted person may be able to appeal to a higher court to have their conviction reversed.

What Is a Defense Attorney’s Role?

A defense lawyer speaks for you, working to maintain your innocence. Remember that according to our Constitution, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. You are entitled to a defense, no matter the charge or evidence against you. The prosecution’s job is to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Your defender’s job is to create doubt, poking holes in the logic and evidence of the case against you.

Your lawyer will use several strategies to build your defense. For example, the prosecution will present a motive, which your attorney will dispute. Your defender will use their keen investigative skills to review evidence, call witnesses, check conflicting records, and more.

As a trained professional, your defense lawyer speaks for you. Defending yourself is rarely a good idea. Regardless of your innocence, you will be up against skilled prosecutors who can craft a reasonable argument for your guilt. They can create a scenario that, even when baseless, is hard to defend. Your attorney is equally skilled in these methods, and they counter these accusations.

High-Profile Defense Attorney

When a celebrity is a defendant, victim, or otherwise connected with the criminal charges, the case attracts considerable media attention, putting you as the accused and your defense attorney under the spotlight.

Defense attorneys in this position have to walk a fine line of making calculated, well-planned statements that will benefit your position and not harm it.

At Quackenbush Law Firm, I protect high-profile clients in many proactive ways. These include media announcements, press conferences, expert witnesses, filing motions for discovery of evidence, background searches on witnesses, and more.

Request a Confidential Case Evaluation Today

If you are charged with a crime that may result in you spending time in prison,you need to hire a lawyer immediately. If cost is a concern, remember that hiring an Amarillo criminal defense attorney early in the process can actually save you money in the long run.

The more serious the crime, the more severe the outcome.

Through my years of criminal defense practice, I have learned how to use all available legal and social methods to improve your chances of a positive result from your criminal charges.

Learn more about how I can vigorously defend you. If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Amarillo, call (806) 424-4108 or contact me online today.