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Our Case Results

The cases described below are intended to offer a brief sample of the types of cases Quackenbush Law Firm has handled recently. These cases are not intended to make guarantees about the results of your case. Every case has different facts and circumstances and the results of your case will depend on your facts alone.

  • DWI Death
    Personal Injury
    Verdict. Under the Texas Dram Shop Act. 18 year old boy purchased alcohol at a convenience store. The young man was speeding, lost control of his vehicle, hit a tree and died.
  • Not Guilty
    First Degree Felony| April 2019
  • GM Defective Airbags & Ignition Failures
    Personal Injury
    Settlement in 2014. Wrongful Death. Airbags failed to deploy in side impact auto accident.
  • Goodwill Industries Sued For $50 Million after Employee Raped
    Personal Injury
    Cause No. 104,703-E; Donna Ricketts, Individually and on Behalf of Gloria Ann Ricketts, incapacitated adult and Jeremiah Hunter Ricketts, a minor child, Plaintiffs vs. Goodwill Industries International, Inc., Goodwill Industries of Lubbock, Inc., aka ...
  • Hospital Burns Infant
    Personal Injury
    Settlement. A hospital nurse attempted to warm the hand of a NICU infant (prior to an ABG draw) by applying a plastic diaper filled with hot water from a mop sink. The hot diaper melted half of the infant’s index and middle fingers.
  • Hospital Negligence
    Personal Injury
    Settlement. A 56 year old woman was admitted to an urban hospital, diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. The nursing staff forgot to administer a second dose of Lovenox, the patient experienced cardiac arrest and died in front of her two adult childre ...
  • Botched Tummy-Tuck
    Personal Injury
    Settlement. A plastic surgeon failed to use ordinary care causing unnecessary scarring around the abdomen of a 63 year old woman.
  • Chrysler Grab Handle Failures Causing Severe Injuries Since 2002
    Personal Injury
    Settlement. Cause No.: 36,911; Merdella Hughes vs. Chrysler Group, LLC and Johnson Controls, Inc.; In the 223rd District Court; Gray County, Texas Since 2002, Chrysler has been selling DR model trucks with defective grab-handles which are failing and ...
  • Compounding Pharmacy Error Results in Severe Burns
    Personal Injury
    Cause No. 2015-76229; Rose Hill, Plaintiff, vs. Valmed OTC, LLC, Valmed Pharmacy Solutions, Inc., and Andrea Morris, Defendants, 270th District Court in and for Harris County, Texas. An Amarillo compounding pharmacy is accused of gross negligence for ...
  • Dental Malpractice
    Personal Injury
    Confidential Settlement. 28-year old female. A general dentist failed to notice his patient choking during anesthesia. The patient suffered cardiac arrest and died.
  • Settlement
    Intoxicated Manslaughter
    Settlement. Cause No.: 101,660-B; Donald Encinias, Sr., Individually and on Behalf of the Estate of Mary Nancy Encinias, Shawn Encinias and Donald Encinias, Jr. vs. Billy Don Ware 181st District Court, Potter County, Texas According to police and ...
  • Intoxicated Pedestrian
    Personal Injury
    Settlement. 32 year old woman walking home from a Super Bowl party when she was run over by a plumber who was returning from a service call for his employer. The woman had a .18 BAC while walking in the middle of an unlit road at night. She wore a ...
  • Intoxicated Strip Club Patron Runs Over Motorcyclist
    Personal Injury
    Cause No.: 65,350-B; Julius A.J. Gray vs. Millford, LLC a/k/a Cassidy’s Polo Club and AmTex Food and Beverage Inc. a/k/a Cassidy’s Polo Club, In the 181st District Court for Randall County, Texas A man consumed over 12 drinks in 2 hours at Cassidy’s ...
  • Misdiagnosed Cancer
    Personal Injury
    Verdict. An orthopedic surgeon and two pathologists misdiagnosed giant cell tumor in a woman who actually was suffering from osteosarcoma in her left tibia. The 52-year old school teacher died a year after the delayed diagnosis. All three doctors ...
  • Misdiagnosed Pneumonia Infant Death
    Personal Injury
    Confidential Settlement. A negligent family doctor failed to recognize respiratory distress of an infant brought to his clinic by the mother. The baby was misdiagnosed with a minor cold, sent home and died two hours later.
  • Negligent Surgery
    Personal Injury
    Settlement. Plastic surgeon negligently performed a breast enhancement causing gross disfigurement and nerve damage.
  • Police Shooting
    Personal Injury
    Settlement. Four uniformed officers opened fire on a black Tahoe they suspected took part in a gun battle with occupants of another vehicle. The driver, a young father was killed and a passenger struck in the arm with bullets. Police shot over 40 ...
  • Qwest & Construction Company Backhoe Operator Pulls Onto Roadway Causing Crash
    Personal Injury
    Settlement. Cause No. D-202-CV-2011-10944; Mickey Mondragon vs. Juan Ramirez Hernandez, Del Rio Construction, et. al; Second Judicial District, County of Bernalillo; State of New Mexico An illegal alien with no formal training violates state and ...
  • Semi-Truck Driver on Cellphone Causes Fiery Crash in Odessa, Texas
    Personal Injury
    Cause No. P-11878-112-CV; Victor Vasquez, Sr. and Magally Jimenez Vasquez Individually and on Behalf of the Estate of Victor Jimenez Vasquez, Jr., Deceased, Plaintiffs vs. Luis Saucedo Lopez, Rogelio Ivan Lopez, and Waters & Waters Services, Inc., ...