Amarillo Accidental Death: Michael Shawn Lightfoot Dies In Accident At A Amarillo Landfill


Amarillo, TX – About 2:56 p.m., Amarillo police and Potter County sheriff’s deputies and firefighters responded to the landfill located at 16250 Bezner Drive,
where three truck drivers from Waste Wranglers were unloading. Amarillo police said, an Amarillo man died Tuesday after he was hit by a garbage truck in the City of Amarillo landfill.

One of the drivers was assisting another drive who was stuck. Once the stuck truck was freed, he began to back up and thought, Michael Shawn Lightfoot, 53, had returned to his vehicle.

The truck struck Mr. Lightfoot and was pronounced dead at the site of the accident. The driver of the truck that struck Lightfoot was interviewed and released.

An autopsy has been ordered and APD’s Traffic Investigation Squad is still investigating.

As reported by the Amarillo Globe News.

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